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2013 Ordinances / Resolutions
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Amend Utility Tax for Phone Services
Adopt New Zoning Code
2013 Amended Budget - July 2013
Deliquencies, Discontinuance, and Deposits on Utility Accounts
Authorizing Transfer of Funds to Town of Garfield PDA
Setting Town Council Meeting for November and December 2013
Revising Water Fund, Street, Utility, and Equipment Reserve Funds
Adopting the Property Tax Increase For Collection in 2014
Setting the Special and Regular Levy Amount for Budget Year 2014
Rescheduling the First Council Meeting In December to December 10th, 2013
Creating a Deputy Clerk Position To Fill In For Regular Clerk/Treasurer When Absent
Ameding Ordinance 436N Correcting the Estimate General Levy To Be Collected
Amending Ordinance 437N Correcting the Estimated Regular and Special Levy Amounts
Adotping the Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2014
Amending Ordinance 428N Revising the Water and Utilities Reserve Funds 2013 Budget


Adopt Whitman County Hazard Mitigation Plan
Interest Income Apportionment by Fund
Updated Personnel Manual for Domestic Partnership Benefits
Setting 2013 Joint Fire Board Salary Fire Chief and Secretary
Adopt Capital Assets Tracking Procedures
Setting One-Year Street Levy Ballot Request
Declaring Certain Fire Department Equipment Obsolete and Surplus
Update Capital Assets Tracking Procedures
Adopt 2014-2019 6-Year Street Plan
Set Clerk-Treasurer Trainee Pay Rate
Updated Personnel Manual for Maximum Compensatory Time
Setting One-Year Street Levy Ballot Request
Authorizing Purchase of a Used Quick Attack Truck
Declaring Certain Fire Department and WWTP equipment surplus
Authorizing Clerk to Write-off Deliquent Accounts
Declaring Certain Obsolete Shop Equipment Surplus
Approving the Interlocal Agreement with Assoc. of Washington Cities
2014-2017 Police Contract Between Town Of Garfield and Palouse Police
Public Works Assistant Salary
Authorizing the Purchase of a Used Garbage Truck
Authorizing Purchase of a Used Road Grader
Declaring Heavy Equipment Town Surplus
Public Works Salary Range
Authorizing the Purchase of Used Garbage Loading Attachment
Authorizing the Financing of a Used Garbage Truck
Contract for WWTP Oversight
Establishing a Policy For Pay Increases In Compensation For Full Time Employees
Setting the 2014 Salaries for Town of Garfield Employees

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